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The 20th Jinjiang Footwear & The 3rd Sports Industry International Exposition , China The Shoe-making Technology Big Competition Highlights

Jun 07, 2018

The 20th Jinjiang Footwear & The 3rd Sports Industry International Exposition , China can be described as bright and diverse. Among them, the "Wulin Conference" of the shoe machine is the "key event" of this year's fair, and all kinds of shoe machines occupying a whole exhibition floor are performing the "big competition". The reporter visited and learned that automation, intelligence, greening, manual labor, and provincial materials have become the "key words" of this year's shoe machine display.

In recent years, through the continuous innovation and innovation to lead the transformation and upgrading, Jinjiang sporting goods enterprises developed from sports shoes and apparel, the layout of the sports industry chain is getting deeper and deeper. Today, Jinjiang has 21 sports goods listed companies, and has cultivated sports shoes and apparel brands such as Anta, Xtep, 361°, noble birds, Jordan, sports brands such as Calme and Hi-Climb, fitness equipment brands such as Shuhua and swimsuits such as Hosa. Brand. In 2018, Jinjiang Sports Industry has nearly 10,000 legal entities, and the sports industry employs more than 350,000 people.


Among them, as the upstream industry, the iterative evolution of shoe machine technology is a strong support for the innovation transformation and upgrading of the sporting goods manufacturing industry. In the shoe machine display area of this shoe (body) fair, the display and interpretation of the latest products and R&D technology of the company's intelligent assembly line, semi-automatic brushing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, etc. Many merchants stopped to watch and consult.

Next to the booth of Black King Kong (Fujian) Automation Technology Co., Ltd., many merchants watched around a shoe-spraying line. A pair of soles were sent to a transparent room in the middle via a conveyor belt. The two robots turned back and forth and evenly glued the shoes. Apply to the edge of the sole and transport it out through the conveyor. “This is a UV-illuminated spray machine, which is the latest product developed by the company.” Zheng Shuxian, the sales director of Black King Kong, told reporters that the product uses intelligent recognition technology to automatically collect data, based on which it automatically recognizes and generates the spray track through the robot arm. The spraying action is automatically completed. At the same time, the polymerization reaction is initiated by the UV irradiation process to increase the surface polarity of the shoe material and increase the viscosity and adhesion. During the whole line production, the exhaust gas generated by UV irradiation is discharged to the air purification system through the air duct, which effectively reduces the environmental pollution at the job site. "With the application of intelligent equipment, it has reduced labor, a pipeline of more than 100 people, and now only needs more than 30 people; it also reduces the harm to the human body during manual operation."

It is worth mentioning that Taiwan is famous all over the world for its well-developed shoe machine industry, and the Jinjiang shoe industry is large in scale and complete in the industrial chain, and the two places are highly complementary. Since the establishment of the Taiwan Pavilion for the first time in the 8th Shoe Fair, the Taiwan Pavilion has always been one of the most prominent highlights of the Shoe Fair. This year, the Taiwan Shoe Industry Association and the Taiwan Machinery Industry Association continued to participate in the exhibition and identified more than 60 booths.