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The 19th Jinjiang Shoes Fair And Body Fair Will Be Held In April

Mar 08, 2017

The 19th Jinjiang Shoes Fair and Body Fair will be held in April

2017-02-23 09:38:14 Source: Jinjiang News Network

The original title: the 19th shoes Fair and the body will be held in April in Jinjiang

(February 20), the reporter learned from the Jinjiang City, CCPIT, the 19th China (Jinjiang) International Footwear and the second international sports industry exposition will be in April and the period Held, the exhibition will be set up a number of international pavilions, through various forms to promote business docking.

Docking "one way" strategy

Planning the establishment of a number of international pavilions

It is reported that the "international" as the field of vision, this exhibition take the initiative to dock the country "all the way" strategy, around the "international, professional" exhibition concept, organized more than 30 countries and regions of professional buyers. At present, the exhibition has been planning to set up a number of international pavilions, the organizers will continue through overseas Fujian Association, invited and organized Brazil, Russia, India, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, "along the way" along the country and region merchants, professional buyers Participants, enhance the exhibition influence, improve the level of international exhibition.


As an international event, this exhibition vigorously external publicity, will strive for a number of influential international sporting goods exhibitors. Relying on the media, alliances and intermediary companies, the General Assembly and the Italian ARS, FOTOSHOES more than 20 countries and regions, the mainstream media industry and Facebook, Youtube and other international social networking platform, through the promotion of visual platform, domestic and international professional exhibition promotion, Platform, the introduction of mobile client, etc., multi-faceted publicity exhibition information, organization of the country (territory) both inside and outside the well-known enterprises, specialized buyers and buyers group exhibitors, participants, enhance the economic and social benefits.

Focus on the whole industry chain

And strive to occupy more than half of sporting goods

It is reported that with the exhibition time gradually approaching, investment and recruitment work continued to advance. At present, the exhibition has been identified more than 1,200 booths, including finished shoes and sporting goods booth booth 150, machinery and equipment exhibition booth booth 701, shoe textile materials booth booth 359, of which, machinery and equipment and textile materials exhibition area has completed the number of plans More than 90.


Investment focus this year to strengthen the sports elements, focusing on the whole industry chain, and strive to occupy more than 50% of sporting goods. To this end, in addition to actively fight for such as the China Sporting Goods Federation and other multi-party support to enhance the exhibition specifications and influence, the exhibition also organized sports equipment and equipment enterprises, outdoor supplies enterprises, as well as swimwear, umbrella and other related industries exhibitors, not only Opened a museum, area, will also be held, including climbing competition, football and other related supporting sports and events, rich sports elements.


Has been held for several times the shoe Fair is the domestic and international sports industry supplies event, is China and the world footwear industry barometer and weathervane, and has been upgraded to the body last year. The exhibition will be held this year from April 18 to 21 in Jinjiang City, the United States flag on the 1st Hall, the exhibition hall area of 60,000 square meters, set a total of 2,200 international standard booths, the establishment of sporting goods, shoe spinning materials, machinery and equipment And other three exhibition areas, as well as science and technology museum, investment museum, brand products Museum, small and medium enterprises footwear hardcover area, swimwear Museum, industrial design and outdoor supplies Museum, media display area and Taiwan Shoes Museum. (Reporter _ Ke Guoli)