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Sports Brands Continue To Force The Line Under The Store

Feb 08, 2017

In the traditional channels of infinite beauty Belle, Daphne and other brands have spread out last year, shop information. Last year mid-year report shows that eight companies listed on the clothing industry close to a thousand stores, Daphne as "off shop king." The stores blossom everywhere in the traditional brand shoes Belle, who has a sales of billions of dollars, its market share is being fast fashion and electric business brand quickly squeezed.

President running shoes

The industry is concerned that, as started in the traditional channels of sporting goods brand in the last year's earnings trend of adverse economic growth, the collective show signs of recovery. In the sporting goods city of Quanzhou, in last week's individual sports brand annual meeting, passed under the online store sales growth in the number of positive signals for the sports brand is concerned, after a series of efficiency improvement reform, the traditional offline channel is still Support strong growth momentum.

Sports brand speed shop

At the 2017 annual strategy meeting held last week, 361 degrees announced the five business groups have achieved remarkable results. 361 degree that the commodity system, channel portfolio and brand communication strategy is to upgrade the three major factors last year, but also continue to maintain growth in the coming year the driving force.

Another city sports brand "president of running shoes," the annual strategic meeting also announced that the brand in the past year, the traditional channels have achieved good results.

2016 President running shoes is a terminal hurricane year, as of the end of the presidential running shoes have been opened in the major provinces of the thousands of stores, both shop speed or single-store sales, have doubled growth in today's market high Sing business, offline channels are undervalued era, president of running shoes will undoubtedly become China's sporting goods industry in 2016 a dark horse.

President of running shoes related official said, the company has initially completed the national market layout, just a few years time to complete the rapid growth in the number of terminal stores, the fundamental secret lies in the flagship store model. In the field of apparel, the flagship store has a significant brand marketing function, not only embodies the brand spirit, but also the customer directly with the brand exchange, focus on brand communication place, is an important place to drive terminal sales.

It is understood that the President of running shoes in the country's first and second tier cities of the super-district were set up a large area of the brand flagship stores, such as Wuhan Optical Valley pedestrian street, Chengdu Chunxi Road to the international movement of the classic image of the successful capture of consumers Hearts. In addition, the past year, the brand promotion platform covering the world women's volleyball Grand Prix, the international men's basketball, marathon and other mainstream events, but also signed the Tunisian Olympic Committee, sponsored the NBA team's stadium, further boost brand awareness.

Industry recovery is accelerating

In fact, even the era of the prevalence of electricity providers, does not mean the decline of traditional marketing channels, on the contrary, offline store emphasis on experience and fast buy is still online can not replace the advantage. Has been maintained in the traditional channels of the absolute superiority of the sporting goods industry, after experiencing a high inventory of the winter, whether it is the financial results in 2015 or 2016 mid-year report, are showing the recovery of the sporting goods industry is accelerating the pace of recovery.

In the past year, these brands in the traditional offline channels are doing the same thing, is the channel "thin" change. Through the contraction of stores, to inventory and channel flattening and a series of supply side of the "thin" after the reform, experienced a decline in performance, inventory crisis and large-scale off the store's sports brand has finally ushered in a new era.

Special steps, for example, to improve and flat distribution channels, and strictly control the retail inventory and a series of weight-loss reform, so that the special steps of the profit model more efficient. Such as the number of distributors will be raised to 38 and intends to continue to gradually increase distributors, distribution channels will be reduced to two levels from multiple layers. The overall share of retail outlets directly owned by Xtep's distributors has increased to more than 50% of the total number of retail outlets, while the number of Xtep stores covered by RTDS has exceeded 85% of the number of retail stores. The overall working capital turnover decreased from 77 days in 2014 to 60 days and the inventory level decreased by 30.0% to RMB398.4 million compared with 2014.

Similarly, 361 degrees are also actively reforming to improve the efficiency of retail channels, establish a consumer-oriented retail management system and sustainable business profit model. By increasing investment to build product development, category breakdown, upgrade terminal payment methods, 361 degrees for the promotion of single-store benefits of a series of measures in the past year has been significant results in 2015 earnings and 2016 earnings are showing the same store Sales achieved a climb. 361 degrees that will continue to optimize the layout of the channel around the user to enhance the effectiveness of single-store unit Ping, enhance core competitiveness and rapid response capability to further expand the profit.

Anta's performance over the past two years also represents the local sports brand from the new store-driven expansion model to enhance the effectiveness of the change shop. It is these refined management capabilities and the integration of the supply chain, so that it can lead in a number of other financial data adversaries. 2016 early results, Anta 2015 inventory turnover days for 58 days, compared with the same period last year to improve 0.17 days, the Group's revenue also improved, accounts receivable turnover days down 1.84 days over the previous year, Reaching 33 days, two data show that Anta itself and dealers inventory and payment pressure has stabilized.

In the management, Anta first canceled sales area, flat organizational structure, the proportion of direct sales increased year by year, category management from shoes, clothing classification for the improvement of the classification by the project, such as running, basketball, football and so on. Anta in most stores across the country to achieve the ERP coverage, pushing single-store orders, so that the product shelf cycle shortened.

Experts believe that the current shoe competition Zhuolu more and more obvious, whether it is traditional stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and other shoe sales channels, are under great pressure, online B2C model, is also facing a lot of crisis , Euphemistically called a feast of e-commerce, in fact, is a smoke without gambling, from everywhere, "burning logistics", "burning advertising", each electric business would like to burn out the scale, and then squeeze opponents to achieve profitability , But the user experience to achieve the ultimate is the real big winner.