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Selling Shoes As Selling Insole $ 3.6 Billion Market

Feb 17, 2017

According to market research firm Technavio's latest data show that the global footwear market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% to 2021 market value will reach 3.6 billion US dollars, mainly by medical insole products Promote, and increase the health awareness of consumers and the increase in diabetes, etc. have contributed to the medical insole market growth.

Technavio's research divides the global insole market into three regions:

America: the world's largest insole market

"The Americas Insole Market Leaders are mainly US and Canada, which account for 45% of the Americas market," said Amber Chourasia, an analyst at health and health research at Technavio.

The United States is the main market in the Americas, the United States consumers are more concerned about the healthy way of life, the market consumer demand for insole is very worthy of attention, because these consumers even in daily activities will use insoles, such as walking. In addition, many athletes in the United States will use the insoles in tournaments or training to maximize the performance of sports shoes.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa: the emergence of innovative products to promote the insole market growth

Western European countries focus on improving the quality of medical services, which the global footwear market has a certain role in promoting. Medical service providers, caregivers have a strong demand for products, prompted the emergence of high-quality insole products, these products have good performance, efficient and safe.

The government's support and advocacy for healthy lifestyles has also contributed to the growth of the insole market. European WIISEL and other projects to start, but also for the elderly developed a smart insoles, such insoles can detect the elderly gait and balance every day to prevent the elderly fall, such innovative products are expected to promote Europe, the Middle East and Africa insoles Market growth.

Asia Pacific: the fastest growing insole market

"The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing insole market, with a compound annual growth rate of 9% by 2021. The region has great market potential, especially in markets such as China and India," said Amber. Regional consumer insoles use awareness, so that they understand the importance of suitable insoles, manufacturers have been carried out for the insoles of education and training programs.

The government's increased investment in health care infrastructure and consumer health awareness has contributed to the growth of the insole market. The global insole market is mainly driven by diabetes patients who need medical insole. India's market has the greatest potential for growth and is expected to be the fastest growing market for insole use.

The major retailers in the global insole market are Bayer HealthCare, Beuerfeind, Superfeet and StableStep.