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Return To The Real Economy, Footwear Festival Is Expected To New Opportunities In The Future

Dec 28, 2016

News Source: Economic Network Release Date: 2016-12-26

Traditional shoe industry is very dangerous Over the past few years, many in the industry with "winter" to describe the development of China's shoe industry situation. However, recently held a special meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, analysis of economic work in 2017 clearly put forward, we should vigorously revitalize the real economy, foster the growth of new energy. In this context, a convergence of the national shoe industry area, on the footwear industry to deal with the depth of the new opportunities will soon open.

In the industrial 4.0 and 2025 wave of manufacturing in China, driven by the footwear industry chain as a front-end material innovation and powerful drive new technologies, new equipment upgrades. In this context, by the China Leather Association, Jinjiang Municipal People's Government, Chendai Town People's Government, Jinjiang City Bureau of Commerce, the global shoe network co-contractor, Jinjiang International Shoes City, the total title of the 2016 China Shoes Festival and the first China's footwear supply side innovation and development of the Forum will be held in December 2016, December 28 -28 in Fujian Jinjiang Spring Business Hilton Hotel.

Summit Forum to "anticipate the future" as the theme, take Italy as the starting point of material, throughout the shoe industry value chain, to explore the future. To this end, the festival invited to the footwear industry experts and the authority of this festival-producing areas visited the business representatives, as well as China's major shoe-producing areas of the footwear industry associations to share this year's experience, experience and future thinking of the footwear industry .

Summit Forum to read the hot topic of the current industry

Supply-side, the production side of how to achieve three-end synchronous innovation; industrial 4.0 times, the "smart shoe" construction path and the "machine substitutions" What progress; consumption structure Under the upgrade, the traditional footwear industry how to play the new retail; subdivided application scenarios, the brand marketing new wind how to force, several major industry hot topics will be answered in this one one.

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Announced the industry innovation as the 120 companies

In addition, the forum will also announce the results of the annual selection of the festival and hold awards such as Top Ten Brands, Industry Contribution Award, Industry Model Award, Emerging Industry Award, Industry Special Award and 120 Awards. ceremony. This is the courage to innovate the company and the brand's high degree of recognition, more industry development has injected new impetus.

More than 20 footwear industry leaders were looking for real industry trends

Focus on the development of the traditional status of the footwear industry, more than 20 combat leaders in the shoe after a heated ideological collision, the evening of 27 high-end salon once again become guests of the free exchange of space. China Leather Association, director of the footwear industry, Lu Hua, the United States and China Footwear Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General Bao Zhongxin, Sichuan Leather Industry Association, shoe shoe machine special honorary chairman of the Committee will be with the guests to explore industry trends, grasp industry trends, Responding to market changes.

Into the Chinese shoes are, in the tens of millions of shoe enterprises feel the "love to fight to win"

December 28, the guests will visit the Asia-Pacific region's largest shoe professional market - Jinjiang International Shoe Spinning City, China's first to enter the billions of club sports brand enterprises - ANTA Sports Products Co., Ltd., the national 4A-level tourist attractions Jinjiang City Five stores and the city hall to observe learning.