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One-piece Vamps Hot, They Also Hit 1.6 Billion, Overweight In Vietnam

Dec 29, 2016

One-piece upper, from a year and a half before the first conference, we have reported many times. Now look at their current situation.

One-piece upper, from a year and a half before the first conference, we have reported many times. But there is always a small partner in the background expressed dissatisfaction.

Moreover, in a year and a half before the report, we also believe that this is the next few years, sports shoes and casual shoes possible trend. Whether you believe it or not. KGI report pointed out that one-piece uppers will become the future of the new UA shoes the main material.

Recently, Taiwan 100 and the Group continued to expand investment in Vietnam, its 100 and Industrial plans to invest about 350 million yuan (about NT 1.6 billion), overweight investment in Vietnam, producing a piece of uppers.

This is also following Wuxi, Dongguan, another new product production base.

Has been received orders for international manufacturers, in December began shipping.

The company said that at present the major shoe manufacturers for warp twill shoe material demand, much higher than the supply, coupled with a high technical threshold, 100 and Industrial break must cooperate with the development of proofing practices, direct orders Production, production capacity is expected to be fully open next year.

Corporate estimates, with the successful development of the client, revenue contribution next year point of view 200 million yuan (about NT 930 million yuan) or more.

Taiwan hundred and since the end of November this year, consolidated revenue of 9.747 billion yuan, an increase of 13.4%, after-tax net profit of 1.356 billion yuan, an increase of 30.4%, net profit of 4.55 yuan per share after tax. 100 and the first 11 months of this year, total revenue of 3.007 billion yuan, after-tax net profit of 440 million yuan, a slight decline of 4.7% last year, 1.79 yuan per share after-tax net profit.

100 days and the former subsidiary of 100 and Industrial, Announcement Board resolution through the Hongxing, the capital increase of Vietnam hundred, the cumulative capital increase amounted to 45 million US dollars. The development of gold under the KGI Bank, also completed earlier hosting and $ 60 million (about NT 19 billion) in the case of loans, show 100 and accelerate the pace of Vietnam investment and set up factories.

100 and said that the nearest supply of international brands to specify the needs of shoe factories, 100 and Industrial decided to set up factories in Vietnam to the nearest service Bao-cheng and other important customers and improve business efficiency and overall competitiveness, has completed the establishment of Vietnam's 100 macro.

It is understood that the world, including Taiwan, South Korea and China, seven major knitting warp knitting twilight mesh factory, but its products are up to 50% in Vietnam to use, 100 and Industrial Investment in Vietnam to set up factories in the nearest supply, saving products Design, development and personnel round-trip costs.