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More Than 800 Shoe Enterprises Gathered Together Jinjiang Transformation Of The Road

Dec 28, 2016

The first Chinese shoe supply side innovation and development forum held yesterday

Jinjiang News Network December 28 hearing yesterday, by the China Leather Association and Jinjiang Municipal People's Government hosted the 2016 China Footwear Festival cum the first Chinese shoe supply side innovation and development of the Forum held smoothly. Jinjiang Municipal Committee, Chendai town party secretary Pan Ziliang attended the forum.

The theme of this forum is "anticipating the future". The theme of this forum is to take the material as the starting point of supply side innovation, to penetrate the value chain of the whole shoemaking industry, and to return to the real economy. From Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, more than 20 cities in eight provinces more than 800 shoe to participate in the forum.

"Jinjiang as the world's largest sports shoes production base, with an annual output of 1 billion pairs of sports shoes, the world's 1/6 of the sports shoes produced in Jinjiang, Jinjiang footwear industry has become the pillar." Opening ceremony, Pan Ziliang said, In order to better guide the service industry to upgrade, Jinjiang municipal government is to promote the footwear industry and marketing and other fields of innovation pace.

Subsequently, the China Leather Association, director of footwear special committee Luhua brought the background of the supply side of the shoe industry trends interpretation. He "China's footwear industry and innovation and development - how to force the supply side?" The author points out that the future of China's footwear industry needs to be improved in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing and marketing. In this way, it is necessary to research and develop the footwear industry in China, and to make a deep analysis of the present situation of China footwear industry in the aspects of production, import and export, consumption and retail. Green manufacturing, cluster manufacturing, service manufacturing, innovation-driven, quality brands, craftsmen adhere to, human capital quality and other aspects of force, to improve the adaptability of demand and supply, bring supply side structural upgrade.

In the morning, as the sole title of this grand ceremony, Fujian Province, key construction projects, Jinjiang International Shoe Textile City has brought "re-start, professional market boost industrial upgrading" keynote speech. According to reports, started construction in 2014, Jinjiang International Textile City, Chendai Town, the total control area of 527 hectares, of which the professional market area covers an area of 147 hectares, to be divided into three phases of construction, all completed will become the " The Asia-Pacific region's largest professional textile market, producer services trade base, footwear chain production and marketing integrated service platform ", with products and transactions, information dissemination, exhibition promotion, brand incubation, standards development, logistics and warehousing, design and development, financial services , E-commerce and other nine functions.

The upcoming 2017 is an important juncture in the transformation of footwear industry, Jinjiang International Shoes Textile City is facing challenges, but also contains business opportunities. Speaking that the first phase of the project has been completed in August this year, as of December delivery rate has exceeded 90%. After the completion of the project, the annual turnover is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

It is understood that the main forum today, the participants will also go to Jinjiang International Shoes Textile City, Jinjiang City Planning Museum visit, and went to China to enter the first billion club sports brand enterprises - ANTA Group to observe learning.