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Italian Footwear Industry Has Gone Through A Difficult Year

Feb 17, 2017

Italian footwear industry has gone through a difficult year

According to the Italian footwear manufacturers Association released the latest data show that in January 2010 to October 2010, Italy exported a total of 178 million pairs of shoes, down 1%. In this regard, the president of the Association, Ms. Pelodi said that the last decline in Italian footwear exports in the global financial crisis in 2009 occurred.

As the footwear exports to high-end market, the same period, the export value increased by 2.6% to 7.53 billion euros, the export unit price of more than 42 euros / double, an increase of 3.7%.

Italian shoe manufacturers Association President Ms. Pelodi said that last year the Italian footwear enterprises in some countries and regions experienced a very difficult period of sales. Including the sale of China, China's economic growth in recent years, six consecutive years to maintain growth in the US market also fell 3.6%, the Middle East market also suffered heavy losses, exports and exports fell by 4.9% and 15%.

Despite the decline in exports, the Italian footwear industry is dependent on the international market. Over the same period, the domestic market sales are unsatisfactory, footwear sales and sales fell 0.1% and 2.4%. Italian footwear production fell by 2% in 2016, but imports and imports increased by 3.7% and 2.4%.

Ms. Pelodon warned that if the Italian footwear industry does not have strong industrial policy support, Italy will face the loss of artisan spirit, technology and innovation of the danger, artisan spirit and innovation is the Italian writing world history important basis. She called on the government to make structural adjustments to the footwear industry and give more attention. Italian fashion and footwear industry long-term exclusion In the Italian budget expenditure project, she believes that the Italian government should be the footwear industry as a strategic asset of national economic development.