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Footwear Industry To Build An Integrated Platform For Interoperability

Dec 28, 2016

The Government Work Report "China Jinjiang Footwear Development Index" Interpretation

When the traditional shoe industry in the transformation and upgrading of the outlet, the practitioners need a professional, macro data for their business decision-making reference. In this case, relying on industry-born industry development index will undoubtedly be able to play such a role.

Since the official release in April this year, China Jinjiang Footwear Development Index (hereinafter referred to as "index"), relying on Jinjiang huge and perfect industrial chain basis, timely and accurately reflect the current domestic footwear industry chain market price level, fluctuations and the trend Industry boom degree, recognized by the community. Recently, China Jinjiang footwear development index into the government work report, but also from another side reflects the degree of acceptance of the index.

11 index released to reflect the industry as a whole

Since the trial operation in January this year, the index released a shoe product price index, shoe industry prosperity index and finished shoe trade index and other 11 period.

"Jinjiang release of the shoe index, so I have a better grasp of the overall situation of the shoe industry.This is our purchase of shoes in Jinjiang market is essential." Recently, the reporter in the Chinese shoes are shoes market hit To the buyer from Putian Huang.

Mr. Huang's business is a large foreign trade shoe factory in Putian. He said, before the inquiry, they have to go home to understand the specific price; now with the index, things are much simpler, "basically a few categories of shoe material price fluctuations can be seen from the index It's a lot easier for us to buy. "

Recently, the impact of rising raw material prices, most of the shoe business people are more cautious. Benefit from the index, a lot of local business decision-making shoe more than a reference basis.

Shoes are a person in charge of shoes, said Mr. Ding, this is a benchmark, from the boom index can be seen in the industry's confidence in the future development of the industry. And this confidence from one side to reflect the industry's future development trend.

Sword refers to "index economy" to speed up the industry to master the right to speak

Jinjiang footwear industry development index of the preparation of the lead, Professor Jiang Jianhui Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial University, said the world's largest production base of sports shoes, Jinjiang annual output of 1 billion pairs of sports shoes, Jinjiang footwear industry has a very good industrial clusters, And even worldwide have a wide range of influence and lead, which is the preparation of China Jinjiang footwear development index prerequisite.

"From the index of nearly a year of operation, the index showed a trend consistent with the industry trend, which also from the side to verify the scientific nature and accuracy of the index, with the advance of time and data accumulation, which Kind of scientific and accuracy will be more prominent. "Jiang Jianhui said.

This view has also been Professor of Statistics, Xiamen University Professor Yang Can recognition. "Index using the prevailing domestic and international price index theory and mature experience, analysis of shoe market characteristics and Jinjiang local economic characteristics, targeted design index research program, the technology is mature and feasible." He pointed out that through the index, enterprises can not only Understand the development trend of the industry as a whole, but also to understand the market information for enterprises to speed up the industry in Jinjiang to grasp the right to speak, to enhance product market competitiveness and influence are of great significance.

In fact, this is precisely the Jinjiang municipal Party committee, city hall adhere to the development of China Jinjiang footwear industry index released the reason.

China Jinjiang Footwear Development Index Office staff said that the development of China Jinjiang shoe development index to index the form of description and analysis of the shoe industry development trend and market trends, for the industry to provide better quality of service, to promote Industry, healthy development, has a very important significance. "We hope that the influence of the index, to create a service industry in the field of footwear 'index economy', further tap Jinjiang footwear market resources, so that Jinjiang footwear industry to speed up the industry to grasp the right to speak, boost the Jinjiang footwear industry transformation and upgrading.