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Domestic Sports Children's Top Ten Brand Rankings Released

Jan 05, 2017

Domestic sports children's top ten brand rankings released

According to China's large children line sales data, statistical analysis, 2016 sports children's clothing brand ranking list of the top ten fresh baked, the Chinese youth outdoor sports equipment CAMKIDS rankings, 4, among the Adidas, Nike and other international brands, became the ANTA after another people proud of the national brand.

It is reported that this data comes from the China Academy of Industrial Research Institute, as China's leading research and advisory services, the world's top 500 designated service providers and the Chinese economy by the first data of the first unit of business data, with the most authoritative business data.

As a youth brand of outdoor sports equipment, CAMKIDS focus on creating fashionable and functional outdoors equipment products for young people. The brand advocates "Playing with childhood outdoors", encouraging young people to walk outdoors and promote health and happiness. lifestyle. CAMKIDS by virtue of the functional design of human nature, excellent product quality, and improve after-sales service by the consumers of all ages and praise, many times as "the quality of the typical benchmarking enterprise integrity" and "national quality reliable products."

2016 is CAMKIDS breakthrough to achieve the key first year, cross-border international ManWei and international standards, together Wanda theatrical marketing and times, the first TV ads "courage" landing CCTV children's prime-time, the most important is the CAMKIDS insight The trend of fashion, with the rise of fashion movement in the field of outdoor focus on an increase of fashion sports category, launched a dual-brand strategy, respectively, to the camel and mountain peaks on behalf of the standard outdoor fashion category and fashion category. Fashion outdoor category to the existing high-end a second-tier market, now has reached nearly 1,000 sales outlets, and fashion sports category will achieve channel sink, open up the three or four lines of the market, enhance the competitive advantage and improve the national market share rate!

Since its development, CAMKIDS has been exploring and making breakthroughs. It not only provides high-quality products for young children, but also hopes to deepen the user experience, pass positive life-style to parents and young children, build emotional communication bridge for them. To build a Chinese-child outdoor comprehensive business.

(Reporter _ Cai Mingxuan)