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Anta Road Help Anta Record Breaking Chinese Miracle

Feb 23, 2017


                  2016 annual revenue exceeded 13.3 billion market value exceeded 60 billion

Yesterday, ANTA Sports released a 2016 performance report in Hong Kong. This is after a lapse of one year, has entered the sporting goods industry, "Ten billion Club" Anta once again come up with a dazzling performance - 2016 annual revenue of 13.35 billion yuan, three consecutive years of growth rate over 20% , Shareholders profit of 2.39 billion yuan, ANTA sports market value for the first time exceeded 60 billion, more than four years ago, four times the market value.

Anta Group Chairman and CEO Ding Shizhong said Anta sound performance and good profitability is the implementation of "single focus, multi-brand, full channel" strategy results. Thanks to the continuous support of the government for the development of sports, the increase in sports participation and the increase in demand for sporting goods, Anta has the confidence to stand out in the Chinese sports industry with the 'Anta Road' and unique business model. miracle!

Practice "single focus, multi-brand, full channel" strategy

In recent years, "single focus, multi-brand, all-channel" strategy has become a key Anta fully exploit the market potential.

It is understood Anta "single focus" is about a single focus resources in the sporting goods industry to artisan spirit to do every piece of clothing and every pair of shoes; "multi-brand" One brand portfolio to capture the full coverage of the sporting goods industry market Segmentation needs include: ranging from functional sporting goods to fashion sporting goods, from adult markets to children's markets, from mass sports to segmented sports markets; the other is in Anta, Anta children, FILA, FILA KIDS, DESCENTE and NBA brand, to further strengthen their own brand lineup; "full channel" layout to Anta through street shops, shopping malls, department stores, Outlets and electricity business platform network layout so that each brand and product can cover the target consumer.

"Single focus, multi-brand, full channel" strategy to promote the station on the athletic industry, the commanding heights. In the 2016 global apparel listed companies in the top 100 market rankings, ANTA Sports to 51.8 billion yuan ranked eighth in the world (sporting goods industry fifth); 2016 listed companies in China's top 500 market list shows that ANTA sports ranked 174, Is also the only one selected sporting goods company.

"Anta Road"

Help Andrew hit the Chinese miracle

"An enterprise that does not care about the consumer is no future, and all of our departments should always go to the store, take the market, be good at the nearest place from the consumer to find the direction of work." Ding Shizhong in Anta Group 2016 annual meeting Proposed "Anta Road", from the consumer-oriented, market position as the goal, to contribute to the example, to innovation for the survival of the four dimensions of interpretation. "Consumer-oriented" is the fundamental of Anta strategy to meet the needs of different consumers. The future, Anta will establish a large consumer data platform, the establishment of consumer research center, a comprehensive upgrade consumer experience.

With the direction, it is necessary to set goals for each brand in their own market segments on the "status of rivers and lakes" have the pursuit, which is "to market position as the goal." To achieve the goal, we have to rely on people, by team, Anta set up a "contributor", so that "contributors" to play a role model influence. Whether it is to study the consumer, a clear goal or set an example, and ultimately to be built on the cornerstone of the product, so "innovation for the survival of the Road" has become the foundation of Anta.

Anto 20 years of development history, is a process of creating a miracle - from an unknown shoe factory in Jinjiang to reverse into the domestic sporting goods boss, and the first to become the industry's performance breakthrough 10 billion enterprises, and now Anta is moving 100 billion goal big step forward, Anta has become a model of the Chinese national brand, a miracle.

Layout "white economy"

The next decade and then climb the peak

"Snow and ice to develop, this is our national health action, an important part of sports action." January 23, when Xi Jinping general secretary dressed in Anta sportswear appeared in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games held ceremony, not only to China's ice and snow market into a tonic agent, but also further boost the confidence of the Chinese sporting goods national brand. It is predicted that China's total snow and ice industry in 2020 will reach 600 billion yuan, to 2025 to 1 trillion.

As a leading brand, Anta on the "white economy" has long been the layout. 2010 Anta and the State Sports General Administration of Winter Sports Management Center reached a strategic cooperation in 2014, Anta first signed into the 2022 Olympic Winter Games bid committee partners. In the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games and Sochi Winter Olympics, Anta for the Chinese ice and snow athletes to create the title of dragon clothes and equipment, in the game show the charm of China's ice and snow.

With the "single focus, multi-brand, full channel" strategy of the correct guidance, with the "Anta Road" strong support, especially with the success of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022 bid, Anta will continue to enrich the high-quality product portfolio , To meet the different needs of consumers, and then climb the industry peak!

                                                                                                                           (Reporter _ Li Xiaoming)