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2018 Spring And Summer International Footwear And Sporting Goods Fashion Show Italian Fashion Showbiz Strong Blowing

Jan 23, 2018

A pair of high-heeled shoes, upper with a sports mesh mesh; a fashion bag, imitation snake skin with reflective material; In addition, there are smart running shoes, tech shoes ... ... In the nineteenth China (Jinjiang) International Footwear At the 2nd International Sports Industry Expo, ARS Group of Italy brought "2018 spring and summer international fashion trends of shoes, shoes and sporting goods" to promote local enterprises to grasp the fashion pulse of design and seamlessly integrate with international fashion.

Expo site, Italy ARS Group trend expert Andrew with rich design experience and unique design concept for everyone to open the door of the spring and summer of 2018, showing the "power" and "arts and crafts" and "limit" the three major trends, each Trends include finished shoes, leather, shoes and bags, etc., at the same time to carry out the concept of the three major trends, color, shape, materials seminars.

Lecture brings together new fashion information, Jinjiang enterprises into a new design style and concept, involving the best use of materials, the use of nostalgia, canvas innovation, clever use of cork, leather weaving popular, color patchwork aspect. Experts on the overall style of each trend features, fashion taste, consumer lifestyles and other aspects of a detailed analysis and discussion.

In Andrew's trend analysis, "force" presents intelligent manufacturing and geometric lines; "limit" represents the process of organic materials and natural materials combined process; "handicrafts" is more of a decorative and natural fresh. He pointed out that although Jinjiang is the capital of sports shoes in the world, there is still a lot of homework to be done in fashion trends because of the lack of certain personality and fashion in Jinjiang Shoes and less connotation.

Even so, Andrew is looking forward to the future development of Jinjiang. He pointed out that Jinjiang has a perfect whole industry chain. In terms of design, it may be possible to pay less attention to externalities and excavate more. For product ideas, the story itself is very important, to tell a story different from others, these resources are derived from the local culture, the need for patience.