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2017 Jinjiang Footwear Expo Together With Italy Released Next Year's Fashion Trends

Mar 20, 2017

Reporters recently learned that the nineteenth China (Jinjiang) International Footwear & the Second International Sports Expo, to be held in Jinjiang Machi City April 18to 21 2017, the exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, will be set 2200 international standard booth, the main part of the show by the sporting goods, shoe spinning materials and machinery and equipment industry composed of three major.


                                               Previous picture of the exhibition

According to the organizing committee revealed that the exhibition will focus on the "all the way" national strategy, take the initiative to dock and invite "along the way" along the country's enterprises to come to the exhibition, the establishment of the Vietnam Pavilion, Brazil Pavilion, Bangladesh Pavilion, International level. In addition, the Organizing Committee will invite foreign trade associations, professional buyers and other countries and regions in Brazil, Russia, India and Southeast Asia through overseas Fujian Merchants Association. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will entrust the media, alliance and intermediary companies, Enterprises, professional buyers and buyers tour, enhance the influence of the exhibition, and further promote the economic and social benefits of the show.

In order to comply with the trend of the Internet and intelligent technology, the current shoe (body) Fair is also a positive innovation, will be organized by the scientific and technological innovation forum, docking relevant universities, research institutes, academicians and experts, as well as China can wear alliances, Promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional sports industry. At the same time through the establishment of science and technology museum, the integration of political and industrial research with all sectors of resources, show footwear scientific and technological achievements, enterprise innovation products, universities and research institutes of the latest scientific research, boost the traditional shoe industry transformation and upgrading, and guide enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological innovation. It is worth mentioning that the current shoe (body) Fair will jointly Italy ARS Group, held "2018 spring and summer international shoes, shoes and sporting goods fashion show" activities and lectures, show the latest international sports and leisure trends The