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The 1st

National Footwear Industrial Information Center, People's Government of Jinjiang City, and Fujian Provincial Foreign Business Co., Ltd., together with the local famous shoemaking factories, related departments in Fujian Province, will invite famous institutions and firms in the shoe-making industry at home and abroad, and determined and held the First Session of Jinjiang (International) Footwear Exposition on March 19-22, 1999 in Jinjiang, based on the superiority across the Strait. 

During the Fair, several thousands of local shoe-making factories, agents, as well as persons in the shoe-making industry from foreign countries, and Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao were invited to visit or attend the exhibition, and participate in activities of business talk, science & technology exchange, and trade internet, etc.

The 2nd

National Footwear Industrial Information Center, Fujian Bureau of Township Enterprises, Fujian Foreign Trade Commission, and the Peoples' Government of Jinjiang City jointly organized the Second Session of the Jinjiang (International) Footwear Exposition, which was solemnly held with great success on April 19-22, 2000 (lasting 4 days) in Jinjiang Fupu SM International Plaza. In this Session, it expanded the exhibition scope on the basis of the original shoes products, shoe machine, and shoe materials, increased many programs such as information distribution, transaction in technology, expert consultation, workshop for technology, and assessment on famous and excellent products, etc., to completely display up-to-date achievements in production, scientific research, and design of the shoe industry, and thus to give more content to the Footwear Exposition.

The 3rd

National Footwear Industrial Information Center, Fujian Bureau of Township Enterprises, Fujian Foreign Trade Commission, and the Peoples' Government of Jinjiang City jointly organized the Third Session of the Jinjiang (International) Footwear Exposition, which was solemnly held with great success on April 19-22, 2000 (lasting 4 days) in Jinjiang Fupu SM International Plaza, and reached the expected objective. To gradually realize being geared to the international fair, this Session of the Footwear Exposition carried out the widespread method for large-scale specialized fairs at home and abroad, and divide the exhibition hall into 7 functional areas, i.e. finished shoes, raw and accessory footwear materials, indoor shoe machines, outdoor bulky shoe machines, footwear science & technology, investment guide, and logistic services.

The 4th

Backed up by strong superiority of the industry group, Jinjiang held three sessions of the International Footwear Exposition since 1999. The three sessions are of large scale, exceptionally grand occasion, and beneficial results, with exhibitors from nearly 100 cities of more than 20 countries and districts, and with a total accumulated turnover of RMB 4.55 billion Yuan. Assisted with the extensive impact of the former sessions of the Footwear Exposition, the Fourth Session of the Footwear Exposition took as exhibition topic "Strengthening Trade Function, and Promoting Industry Upgrading", laid stress on international and specialized characteristics of the Fair, and spared no efforts in making breakthrough in scale, quality, and high level, to expand the cooperation field of economic and technical exchange and to provide a vast platform to perceive development trend of the shoe industry for persons of the shoe industry at home and abroad.

The 5th

The Fifth Session of the Footwear Exposition was formally upgraded to being sponsored by China Light Industry Federation, and the People’s Government of Fujian Province. This Session set 1,419 booths, with a collection of up-to-date achievements in finished shoes, footwear and leather materials, leather & chemical products, shoe machines & equipment, R&D, design, and fully demonstrated the new level and new achievements in the international shoe-making industry in recent years, to provide a ideal platform for persons of the shoe industry to display their enterprise profiles, to widen trademark publicity, to exchange industrial information, to communicate supply and demand channels, and to seek opportunities of development.

The 6th


The 7th

The 7th edition Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition was held in April 19th- 22nd, 2005, at Jinjiang SM International Exhibition Center.the number of professional visitors has reached 57,325, coming from over 50 different countries (regions) and some 20 provinces (cities) of China. "Meet at footwear exposition, share the harmony" is the theme of the 7th Jinjiang footwear international exposition,there are some new characteristics on the exposition compared to previous edition, such as scale, internationaliza-tion, and professional. 

The Exposition featured 500 famous shoemaking enterprises with 1600 standard booths, attracting enterprises of 12 different countries and regions (Italy, Germany, United States, Korea, Japan, and so on) participate to the event. Including Italy Main Group, Germany Desma Group, America Avia company, America 3M Group, Korea DABO company, Japan Tajima machine Co., Ltd, and Japan Barudan Co., Ltd, etc. 

Some famous mainland China-based shoe manufactures are also exhibiting at the exposition. this includes Doublestar Group of China, FuGuiNiao Group of China, Anta Shoes &Garments Co., Ltd, Aile Group and Xtep Sports Goods Co., Ltd, etc. Based on the privileged shoes industry cluster and success over the past six years, the professional and international stand of this exposition will be further enhanced. With the support and assistance from all circles in the world, the 7th Footwear Exposition have new achievement and gain remarkable fame, making an stage for footwear firms to exhibit their strength, seek business opportunities and enhance cooperation for common development

The 8th

The Eighth Session of the Footwear Exposition had a scale of up to 1600 international standard booths, gathered more than 500 enterprises in the exhibition, collected more than 5000 famous and excellent new products of the industry, received a volume of nearly 80000 persons, including foreign customers (accounting for 10.8% of the total volume) from more than 50 countries and districts, such as Europe and America, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

The 9th

One Step, A Miracle; and One Session, One Milestone! The Ninth Session of the China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Exposition will take as topic “Innovation, Fashion, Trademark, and Economic Trade”, as main characteristics “Scalization, Internationalization, Specialization, and Elaboration”. It will plan and establish an exhibition area of Italian fashionable shoe pattern. It will invite many top-level designers to Jinjiang, and display nearly 1000 up-to-date shoe examples of the fashion trend. During the Ninth Session of the Footwear Exposition, customers from various districts of the world will come to Jinjiang in the name of groups to seek business opportunities of the Footwear Exposition. The China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Exposition will pioneer in the new trend of development of the tanning field, and thus show a scene full of life in the shoe industry.

The 10th

Once every year,Jinjiang becomes a bustling commercial hub. Riding on the back of nine years of success,The 10th Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition (China)will be held in grand style from April 19-22,2009 at the SM International Exhibition Center,Jinjiang,China. The exposition is a grand event that showcases the charm of Jinjiang-China's "Shoe Capital". The accumulated value of business contracts signed during the last nine years of the event stands at approximately RMB 30 billion Yuan;this has done a huge amount to propel the rapid growth of the footwear manufacturing industry,as well as over 1000supporting enterprises. The city produces 1 billion pairs of shoes per year,with a wide variety of styles available. The Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition(China)is a platform that brings the world to Jinjinang,and brings Jinjiang to the world. It is a magnificent event that sees acongregation of Chinese and foreign traders. A planned exhibition area of 40,000 square meters 1,600 international standard exhibition booths, the latest range of commodities from the entire footwear industry chain,and the attendance of over 500 exhbiting companies from major footwear production regions in and out of China as well as Footwear International Exposition(China), which is one of China'sten most'magical'exhibitions, making it a place where both Chinese and foreign traders are the winners. It is a grand event that sees interactivity in global footwear crafts. Highlights at the event, such as the first European Footwear Fashion Trend Lounge and World Foo –twear Fashion Designer Forum will represent the beginning of a new chapter;hliping industry insiders to get in touch with the latest trends in the footwear industry and propelling the footwear production industry in Jinjiang ,the western bank of the Taiwan Strait and the nation as a whole to a new level. Let us look forward to the 2008 10th Jinjiang FOOTWEAR International Exposition(China)together!